Kevin James

Kevin James, often confused with the action hero from Mall Cop, is the dynamic CEO of MemeMixr. He is redefining the frontier of digital self-expression. Armed with an Associate's in Digital Media from Kingswood Community College and an inherent passion for internet culture, Kevin has masterfully merged the worlds of animation and meme culture. Starting as a self-taught animator in his teenage years, they quickly recognized the massive potential of personalizing meme content in the age of social media. Kevin’s vision was clear: to provide a platform where creativity knows no bounds, and every meme enthusiast becomes an artist. Under his leadership, MemeMixr has grown exponentially, with two, then four, then eight users worldwide tapping into his inner meme maestros. When not steering MemeMixr to new heights, Kevin can be found giving keynote speeches about the evolution of internet humor or curating his own collection of vintage internet artifacts. A visionary, a meme aficionado, and an advocate for digital artistry, Kevin is a beacon for the next generation of internet entrepreneurs.
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